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Care Information

Usage Guidelines:

1. For optimal comfort, allow the memory foam to acclimatize to room temperature by placing it in a warm indoor environment for a few days, especially in colder conditions.
2. Consider the ample size of the pillow; refer to the product dimensions; and select according to your preferences and needs.
3. The car pillow is designed to bridge the gap between your seat headrest and backrest, supporting your neck and promoting a comfortable sitting posture. Adjust the pillow height based on your seat height, and ensure your neck aligns with the pillow mounting position for effective support.
4. Modify your backrest angle if you find the pillow too thin or thick to achieve the desired support.
5. Ensure proper attachment by avoiding overstretching the elastic band to prevent damage to the strap and fabric.
6. Exercise caution when unlocking the snap buckle; hold both sides with your hands before releasing to avoid injury from the tension of the elastic strap.
7. Upon unpacking, place the sealed and compressed pillows in a shaded, well-ventilated area for 1-3 days to allow any residual odour to dissipate. If the memory foam takes time to regain its original shape, apply external force to aid in the rebound.

Cleaning Tips:

Wipe or hand-wash the leather cover for maintenance; avoid machine washing and direct exposure to sunlight.
Avoid using any wax-based cleaners or polishes to avoid damage. Use lanolin-based conditioners to get a nice colour. To remove dirt from the seat, simply wipe the surface with a dry, lint-free cloth. To get rid of stains, use a cotton washcloth and lukewarm water while being careful not to soak the leather.